Digital Dentistry Simplified

We are a Full Mouth Rehabilitation Center. We help you with competitive pricing deliver great full arch cases to your patients.

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DesignLab develops powerful tools and flexible services to make your dental journey easier. When you need a full upper and lower hybrid reconstruction, DesignLab specialists help you create the best possible treatment plan for your patient. Dental offices around the globe are scaling faster, and working more efficiently by using DesignLab.

Digital dentures have become very popular around the world. Designlab lets you get involved by both fabricating and designing your digital dentures for full-arch cases.






Like many new technologies introduced into the dental market, guided implant surgery has been slow to catch on. The reasons are many: cost, learning curve of complex software, and time to do the virtual plan, to name a few. More recently, placing implants using a surgical guide has become much more popular. We now have faster, more powerful computers, better software, and an increased number of CBCT scanners in dental offices. As a result, guided implant placement is more viable and economically feasible than ever before.   Our design specialists are experts in surgical guide planning.